JV-V Volleyball Tournament 2018
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The International School of Amsterdam
Sportlaan 45
1185 TB Amstelveen, Netherlands
Tel. +31 20 3471111

Tournament director: Marianne de Haan, Athletic Director
Contact: send email or call +31 20 3471276


8-10 November


Sportlaan 45
1185 TB Amstelveen
Tel. +31 20 3471275
(or Main number ISA: +31 20 3471111)

Participants Junior Varsity

Participants Varsity



Please see the relevant section in the by-laws.


Every player will receive a tournament patch.

Team trophies will be awarded to those schools finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Medals will be awarded to all players on a team finishing in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place.

A team trophy will be awarded to the plate winner.

Accommodation for students

All parents of athletes will be informed by their AD about accommodation.

Accommodation for parents in Amsterdam

Grand Hotel Amstelveen
Bovenkerkerweg 80
1187 XC Amstelveen
Tel: +31-20-6455558


Hotel Station Amstelveen
Very cute and cozy, but small hotel

Food and drinks

Lunch will be provided. Other refreshments will be on sale throughout the tournament.

A water bottle per athlete and coach will be supplied in order to reduce number of plastic bottles. There will be no bottles of water being offered at the NECIS tournament. Water from the taps in Holland and Germany is perfectly drinkable.